Why is the game asking permission to make calls?

If you are asked for this permission, your version of Seashine is outdated. Please update to the latest version. Versions older than 1.0.0 needed this permission for the following reasons :

With Android 6+ devices, Seashine asked for this permission to be able to read the device status, allowing the app to prevent cheating and allowing Chartboost to stop a video ad when a call was received.

In devices running Android up to version 5 (Lollipop) this permission is labelled “Read phone state”, but in Android 6 (Marshmallow) Google changed the label to “Allow [app] to make and manage phone calls”, which could be confusing to some players.  However, the Seashine permission request remains the same for both versions, only the name of the permission has changed.

Seashine does not and will never make or manage phone calls on your device. The app requires the permission solely to gather data related to your device to report statistics and identify your click when you interact with ads.

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